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Valentines Day Cynic or Enthusiast?

8th February

Life passes us by very quickly so maybe rather than get caught up in the cynicism or sentimentalism, allow Valentines Day, 14th Feb to be  a prompt to treat those most important to you.

For many of those ‘with partner’ or in a state of unrequited love, Valentines Day, February 14th is the perfect opportunity to get all ‘romantical’ and show the one you love how much you care.

Gifts, cards, meals out, weekends away, expensive jewellery….all feature.

Do you bother or not? I know people who almost take pride in being ‘anti’ the commercialism of Valentines Day, staunchly vowing never to buy a card let alone a gift. Then others who get upset if their partner is booked on a night out with the lads rather than wining and dining his loved one.

Maybe it’s more of a female thing or maybe men out there would shout me down for that? Just a thought.

Whether enthusiast or cynic, if nothing else, this Valentines Day make the time to let your loved ones know that you care. Gifts are always lovely to receive, especially when least expected but it doesn’t need to take money – time and a bit of sentiment go a long way.

I for one hope to get a card and little something…hint, hint husband!!

great gift for her with luxury chocolates, candle and Prosecco
OOoh, a lovely treat for ladies this Valentines Day
Mens choc and wash
He’ll like these treats…
A beautiful hamper of prosecco and charbonnel et walker chocolates
Fizz and chocs are a ladies favourite things…

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