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4th May

The couple who sat next to a table of us 6 women at Olio in Chelmsford, Essex the other week, heard all kinds of interesting tales, gossip and hilarious sharing of antics pre our supposedly more sensible 30’s took hold…. We had a lovely meal and the service was great. As always, the last to leave and the waiting staff were very patient, no doubt lights off and locked doors not far behind us.

olio-restaurant, Chelmsford
Olio Italian Restaurant, Chelmsford, Essex

What us 6 lovely ladies all have in common is the arrival of offspring 4 years ago. We fondly reminisce about that first NCT evening sat on hard chairs, in a freezing cold, paint peeling local hall. All the women eyeing up each others bump, thinking crikey ‘hers is bigger than mine or blimey, she’s so slim with a pert little bump’. The partners all being outwardly supportive, but on the whole wishing they were in the pub with a pint of ale in hand, watching the footie. Instead, complete strangers were partnered and challenged to name some of the most private parts of the anatomy. School girl biology lesson giggles were bubbling inside….

Like many NCT groups of friends, we could definitely write an amusing book with all our anecdotes from friendship, motherhood and fun, if a little crazy, girls nights out. This is exactly what From You To Me have published Mum to Mum – Pass It On. It is a lovely little book packed full of quotes, practical tips and inspiration for new Mums written by Mums.

Mum to Mum Pass it on Baby Book
Mum To Mum – Pass it on


‘Your baby will learn to adapt to your lifestyle so you don’t have to be quiet when he is resting or having a sleep’ – quote from Mum to Mum, Pass It On.

4 years on and we have celebrated many birthdays of the little ones, the oh so very young parents and the arrival of little brothers and sisters. As a rule, we pool our money to purchase a gift a little more special and of course then only one person has the challenge of gift buying rather than 6. Being that we are now in the business of putting together lovely giftboxes that all becomes a lot easier. But, next time you have a money collection and are searching for inspiration, then search no more as we have giftboxes filled with little luxuries for all occasions. Rember of course that the giftbox arrives beautifully presented, with personal touches and handwritten gift tag. With it all done for you, sending direct to the recipient is perfect.

We offer 2 further beautiful books From You to Me called Our Story which make lovely and a little bit different Christening presents. Try not to confuse these with a baby book as they are more than that, allowing parents to capture the unique story of their child’s life until they turn 18. What a wonderful gift to share with them as a little extra 18th birthday treat.

Our Story Daughter
From You to Me – Our Story Daughter
Our Story Son
From You to Me – Our Story Son


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