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Nannie Tiff loved a sweet pea…

8th May

I try to emulate the wise generation that went before, but try is probably the best word….

My sweet peas have been sowed late. I keep forgetting to water them. Now I can’t remember which variety is sown in which seed tray as my lollipop stick markers got a bit confused! However, let’s look at the positives…my daughters have pots of seeds muddying windowsills.  We have seedlings poking through and the sunflowers are in desperate need of planting out. Little helpers are the best in the garden….mucky hands, smeared faces and mud traipsed everywhere.

Peter Rabbit Garden Gift Set
Peter Rabbit Garden Gift Set

Sarah Raven is a favourite of mine for garden bits and bobs. I spend more time looking at the seasonal magazine that arrives than actually doing. Lost for a snapshot, imagining myself meandering through the garden, snippers in hand, selecting home grown sweet peas for my little vases. The scent just fabulous.

Those of you that know me, the reality is slightly different but we try to get close with a few snatched moments. So, Nannie Tiff, my sweet peas are not as plentiful as yours and not quite so colourful. But, you live on through the generations of grandchildren and great grandchildren as we grow our sweet peas, thinking of you and sharing memories as we go.

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