Beautiful handpicked gifts, gift wrapped in style by Mrs H!

Just in time for Mother’s Day – I love it!

22nd March

Yey, we did it! is out there…a young, fresh and contemporary on line gift business, offering beautifully presented gift boxes full of luxuries for all occasions.

With the chance to make Mum smile this Mother’s Day, we launched just in time to show off our Mother’s Day gift box collection  You see, we know how it is being Mum’s ourselves. Sometimes, you just want that added bit of loveliness and sophistication when you receive a gift. It makes you feel that extra bit special. Plus, you just can’t help but feel impressed that your hubby, partner, son or daughter chose this for you.

I pinch myself as I write this, but oh yes, we  are off. And that is how we see it, gift boxes flying off the shelf, solving every busy person’s gift buying quandary. It’s simple to us. We make giving gifts pleasurable and straightforward. We do all the hard work for you. It’s not rocket science, but we’re struggling to find people who do it well. Where’s the contemporary feel, with the on trend ‘must have’ product? Stick with us and you’ll see that we’ve ‘got it.’ And the reason that we’ve ‘got it’, is because behind that smart, sophisticated website lies a story. That’s the bit that makes it real, gives it character and personality. By sharing more and more about what makes us tick, our views and opinions, you’ll grow to trust us, look to us for inspiration and most of all solve those gift giving dilemmas.

For now, it is enough to know that we spent many hours, actually months toying with the idea, nursing hot cups of tea whilst mulling over the ins and outs of what the busy, discerning gift buyer desires. Making it real, happened through a lot of sheer determination. You’ll learn that, we don’t give up easily. Moments of disappointment soon eclipsed by triumphant successes. At times, it felt like we might turn into a stylish silver keepsake gift box, adorned with sumptuous teal velvet ribbon. But despite the lovely little challenges sent to try us….we just got on with it.

We’ve followed our instincts and spent time doing something that we are good at and enjoy.

Yey, we did it!

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