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‘For Hands That Do…’

24th March

Do you have those moments when you visit a friend’s house and you think ‘ooh, that’s lovely.’ I do, and it can be the simplest of things. I love staying over at my friend Nicky’s house because she has divine toiletries in her bathroom, from lovely hair products to amazing scented body lotions. I almost feel like I’m at the Spa. Being a lover of brands, it is definitely something to do with all the products being of quality and feeling just that little bit indulgent for everyday use.  But it’s a treat and I associate it with her. Wonderful!  It makes you wonder what people associate with you…I’d quite like it to be the Spa, but I fear it may not be!

It’s fascinating really, the power of brands. How they make us feel, how they capture us and make us want more. Unbeknown to us, they play on our senses. If you think about it too much it gets a bit deep but if you stick with the basics – we love nice looking things that feel lovely to touch and smell great. And I guess there you have it, that is how we came to choose the brands that we believe are luxurious and aspirational enough to form part of the offer for

If I go back to our first sighting of Blend Collective, what initially caught our eye was its’ super stylish packaging. A modern contemporary feel that instantly oozes style. And then we learnt so much more…that Blend Collective is an exciting new, truly natural bodycare range, using unique, pure essential blends . The scents are divine and the whole ethos behind Blend Collective is one of very talented aromatherapists and perfume experts creating unique and bespoke scents.  And this is where it all ties together, because the whole basis of aromatherapy is about the link between a fragrance and a psychological state. Where lavender can help release feel-good hormones that calm anxiety and stress, a hint of eucalyptus can improve alertness and lemon is known to have an uplifting effect. From that moment, we were hooked. We were a bit like children in a sweet shop,  busy testing out all the different fragrances, wafting them around on those little tester sticks. Dabs of cream on each little bit of available skin trying to work out  what each scent was made up of and what mood we associated it with.

From very early on we knew that we wanted to offer Blend Collective products, the harder part was deciding which products to go for, as we liked so much of what we saw. But there we go, decisions have to be made and we selected the nourishing handcream from the Unwinding Range. It felt delightful rubbing it into our hands and we imagine a little treat each time you do so. The Unwinding blend  ‘soothes the mind and senses with the relaxing sandalwood & lavender notes’. Something that I am sure many of us busy women will be grateful for…  So, ‘for hands that do’ take the time to treat, protect, nourish and look after them. If you need any further persuasion, I’m sure they say that hands are the first thing to age…

If you like what you see & hear, offers 3 collections – Enlivening, Balancing & Unwinding. With bodywash, candles and moisturiser all on offer. With the great feedback from our Mother’s Day giftbox selection that includes the Blend Collective Unwinding handcream, I don’t think that it will be long before we look to expand our range. But in the meantime, if you are quick our Mother’s Day selection includes Blend Collective handcream so do our Birthday giftboxes for her

Oh and it is probably worth sharing that not only do we love Blend Collective, but so do Fenwicks, Fortnum & Mason & Heals. They have good taste!

Blend Collective Award Blend Collective Unwinding Collection Blend Collective unwinding handcream

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