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For Gifts A Little Less Ordinary, Choose Maileg

14th April

The Easter bunny, laden with mini chocolate eggs prepares to make appearances across many homes and events this week. Luckily, he made an early visit to the entry queue at Godstone Farm, Surrey, last week and offered a welcome distraction to queuing for a few minutes. As my friend’s son rightly said ‘half the world are at Godstone Farm today’. He wasn’t far wrong… And no wonder, it has a winning formula of animals, relaxed approach, superb play area and lots and lots of space. Well worth a visit if you find yourself that way or needing a meeting point.

Now, stick with me, as this may sound a bit stretched to start but great family days out are a bit like those shops/brands that you return to, time and time again. It’s easy. You know what you are getting, where to find them and you don’t need to take time thinking about it. White Stuff pumps are my ‘guilty’ on this. I love them. For the 3rd year running, I have bought the same style, just in a different colour.

That’s all great, but the danger is, you can miss new things.  And those new things may be better and a bit different.The challenge being, it takes time to find new products and brands. And time is what many of us are short on. Magazines,websites, facebook and twitter introduce us to all kinds of things, but hearing a friend over lunch say ′ooh, have you seen those cute little mice in boxes that look like matchboxes′  is intriguing. Brother Mouse

Maileg is a brand that you need to know about. The collection of high quality, magical fabric toys, offer a unique and authentic style. Designed in Denmark with love (and a sense of humour), to create fun and joy and make a difference for children of all ages.  Quotes on the internet enthuse about them ‘I simply love everything from Maileg’ and ‘if you need a gift for a child, Maileg is perfect’. 

We couldn’t resist them and we have introduced Maileg soft rabbits to our Easter and new baby collections; a beautiful bunny as a christening gift and those intriguing mice in matchboxes as presents for little people. Take a peek at Soon, the little mice will also be popping up in our new baby boxes.

Keep checking in with us at on our journey as we grow and evolve and we’ll introduce you to products for when you want to be a little less ordinary.



Maileg Rabbit Maileg soft bunnyBig Sister Mouse

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