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Deb Harrison from DVH Design Recording

Just Launched: 12 Week Training Programme

I have been busy over the Summer months.  Not just with going on holiday but with planning and the setup ...
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Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile: What you need to know

The last few motnhs, I have had an ongoing learning curve going with setting up and keeping up Google Business ...
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Deb Harrison with award for best web design 2021

Official Award for DVH Design

Going bacGoing back to the lockdown earlier this year, DVH Design was awarded Web Design Service of the year 2021 ...
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Page 5 Contact us

How many pages should you have on your website? Part 5

Page 5️⃣ - Contact us I have touched on contact details being on every page (especially if your service is ...
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Page 4 - Testimonial/Review page

How many pages should you have on your website? Part 4

Page 4️⃣ - Reviews/Testimonials So far we have given your users content to tell them about you and what you ...
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Page 3 - Services page

How many pages should you have on your website? Part 3

Page 3️⃣ - Services/Products You have touched briefly onto your product or service on the home page, so it makes ...
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Page 2 About us Page

How many pages should you have on your website? Part 2

Page 2️⃣ About us/you The second page should be used to both tell the user your story and about your ...
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Page 1 - Home Page

How many pages should you have on your website? Part 1

I was asked this question last week and it's given me an idea: Everyone has their own opinion on what ...
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Why haven’t my web changes updated?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked when updating a website. Let's say you're working on ...
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WordPress Toolbox

6 WordPress Tools you Should be Using

Every other website I have worked on over the last 5 years has been a WordPress website. I do recommend ...
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Innovation & Excellence Awards 2020

Award Winning Web Design

DVH Design has won the CorporateLiveWireAward for Boutique Design Company of the Year 2020. Assessed by a panel of judges ...
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Password Security

Password Security: Why Mine are Complicated

Password security is essential. So when I configure a website for a client, rest assured that I will give you ...
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19 years of DVH Design

19 Years and Still Going Strong!

Today is the 19th anniversary of DVH Design. We started in a tiny box room in Black Notley as a ...
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Stress free email migration

How to Migrate Emails (the stress free way)

Just in case you were thinking: Yes! This website has a new look to it (at long flipping last!). It ...
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A London Cab - known for taking away fired candidates

Here’s the Reality: People are Looking for you Online

This week has been my favourite time of the year. It’s nothing to do with Christmas: It was the interview ...
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Bye 2017. Here’s to the Future (Poll)

My blog has remained abused this year. My last entry was announcing my interview with Switch radio, which has been ...
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Switch Radio Dunmow

DVH Design is going to be on the Radio

It’s true! Deb Harrison from DVH Design will be speaking on the Zel-AfriQ show on Switch Radio on Wednesday 18 ...
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Merry Christmas from DVH Design

So we are at the end of 2016 and a lot has been going on behind the scenes at DVH ...
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number 1 in google in Organic

So where exactly is Number 1 in Google Nowadays?

Once upon a time, website owners were constantly bombarded with wannabe SEO "experts" namely from another country that could promise ...
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60 Second SEO

60 second Social: Negative Feedback and How to Deal With It

I have a customer who sells Guides to Driving Abroad mainly via Amazon. Much to his angst this week, he ...
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60 Second SEO

SEO in 60 Seconds: Little & Often

I have just realised that my last Blog post was back in February. In my defence, since my last post ...
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Duplicated content

How to Seek (and Destroy) Online Plagarism

In the past I have written about image copyright and how you should read any small print to ensure that ...
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60 Second SEO

SEO in 60 seconds: Who are you anyway?

New websites are an issue with search engines. They've found your new website, but for the first few months, they've ...
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New year new website

New Year, New Website

If you own or are responsible for a business website, it makes good sense to perform an audit at least ...
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60 Second SEO

SEO in 60 Seconds: Keep your content compelling

You know you're an expert in your line of business or a great salesperson, but how do you portray that ...
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^ Questions to ask your Hosting Provider

6 Questions to ask your Hosting Provider

Setting up a website can be daunting enough for anyone, and it's not made any easier by the added hassle ...
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SEO in 60 Seconds: Keep it natural.

You're working on your website, writing up some great content that contains lots of lovely rich keyphrases.  Just one quick ...
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SEO in 60 Seconds: A Quick Word about Links

One way links to your website are good.  Very good. But here's the scoop: Getting your site listed in every ...
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SEO in 60 Seconds: Google is your Friend

Google rules the roost, right?  Their search share is around 88% in the UK and they also own YouTube, Google+ ...
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Our Web Design Guide is now Available for Download

A few weeks ago, I just felt that despite all my efforts to encourage people to work on their website ...
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Resurrect your Website from the Dead

It's no big secret: I received funding from the government in the Summer and now I have a Business Coach ...
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Unique or Sheep? 5 Ways to stand out From the Crowd

It is good to see that the economy has recovered. It's even better to see more people than normal starting ...
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Rand’s Guide to Using Social Media to get Links

Ok, this video is about a year old, but it is still a great guide to how to use Social ...
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Reminiscing: My First Experience of a Black Hat SEO

From an SEO perspective, we all know that a good listing in the search engines can pay dividends to any ...
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Heart Bleed and How to not fall foul of it

It has certainly been an interesting last couple of weeks in the technology world. A bug was found in the ...
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Is your shop ready for Christmas?

Every year, roughly around the last week of July, Harrods, open up their Seasonal department selling hampers and goods ready ...
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